Hello World

This site is a new website, but it’s not my first website. 

Back in high school, I was a bit into Flash. So the first one I developed was, of course, a Flash website. The design had a mechanical bay door that would open up with gears animating in the background. I was big into logos around that time, from messing around with the logo creator in the video game Armored Core. So, I made this Vacant Studio logo in Adobe Illustrator, along with the other art assets.

From college I loved C# (and still do,) so when making a second website, I used ASP.NET. Was also into hand draw art at the time using Corel Draw, drawing ghouls and monsters, so the site was pretty, um, dark and edgy? Dark shadowy figures in the header, the menu was on a dark banner…

I knew both were kinda made for myself and were a tad embarrassing, so I never advertised either website.

From 7 years of working in the industry since 2012, my tastes are more professional. This website is made using WordPress, and I’ll be making further updates to it.

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