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Jonathan McCaffrey

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“Amazing support, went above and beyond, hard to find support like this.”

Closed over 400 Intercom conversations, with 100% positive customer satisfaction, for resolving client technical issues on brainCloud.
"Jon is an all around great guy to work with. He's a competent developer, easy to get along with, and is able to take on a variety of tasks with passion. He was often the last one to leave the office and I was always impressed with his dedication."
Kyle McInnes,
Product Manager at BlueDot
"Over the course of three years at Smoke Labs I have worked on many projects with Jonathan, spanning from tools to games. Jonathan has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, and passion for the projects at hand. I would recommend Jonathan for any company looking for a talented and hard-working developer."
Anthony Bongers,
Product Developer at You.i TV